He sat there, lost in thoughts, feeling quite happy that he had made it. He couldn't help it but let out a wide satisfying smile. All his efforts were finally being rewarded. They were paying off and he was quite more than content with the results he was getting. And how would he ever make … Continue reading AT A HAPPY PLACE



What is a pluviophile? Am pretty sure most of y'all don't know, I also didnt till I came across the word. A pluviophile is someone who loves the rain. Most people actually hate the rainy season because of the cold weather, the rain itself and other reasons one might have. Well, all my life (that … Continue reading PLUVIOPHILE☺


It's the late hours of the night, Sitting all by herself, All alone in the dark silence, Can't help but get lost in her thoughts, Asking herself, 'Will It Ever End?' Silently, she sobs and cries, Wondering why it has to be her, Selfish,but why not someone else? Depression, misery and sadness are a part … Continue reading WILL IT EVER END?


Most of you know what body shaming is, for those who dont know or understand quite well, it is the negative stereotypes towards another person's weight and size, to the point of even discriminating and giving bad treatment to him/her. So people have come up with this crazy disgusting  behaviour of having a 'preferred' weightmark … Continue reading ✘BODY SHAME✘


Do you ever wake up and just feel you're gonna have a really terrible day? And you just lay there on your bed having a dilemma with yourself whether you should wake up and get to your errands or just spend the whole day in bed? Well,youre not alone. It was on this particular monday,I … Continue reading BAD DAY FEVER