Am so sick and tired of these people who call themselves ‘friends’ who hang out with you only when they’re benefiting from you but when you dont have anything they’re gaining from, they’re gone. Suddenly when you rise again, they actually think they can return. I dont really understand what kind of thinking and reasoning these people have honestly, and how dumb they think someone is not to notice what they’re really after. These are fair-weather friends who when, the partying and all has to end and youre issuing requests for help and support, do not come to your call at all. These are the same ones who when they need something from you which you don’t have, they actually stop talking to you and some go to the extreem end of even insulting you.
So a very close friend of mine had this ‘friend'(James- not the actual name), who used to talk to her almost all the time and everything was going on well. I can even remember her saying that this particular guy was a really true friend.
A couple of months ago, James texted her and asked for cash for something not really important. And at that time, she had no money and couldnt send him. Put this in mind: My friend works outside the country and she strives to put food on her family’s table. She’s been actually out the country for two years now,not having seen her family and friends for all that while, and the conditions where she works are really bad. She goes through a tonne of stuff just to earn money and support her family.James, on the other hand, gets to see and sit with his family everyday and is not even striving to support anyone as per the moment.
So back to the story, he texts her asking for cash and my friend, politely explains she cant be able to send him cash because she’d already sent it to her mom and she didnt have at the moment. And from that reply, the guy completely goes silent.
Three months later (which is about two or three weeks ago), she reaches out to him to ask what really happened and the reason he went silent just wanting to hear what he’d actually say. And he replies, ‘Nothing’, and goes on saying that ‘why should he have a friend who cant help him.’ So she asked him if he really didnt understand that she couldnt and that he’s even lucky to be with his family coz she was trying to make ends meet just to provide for her family. It would be selfish for her not to help her family in the expense of helping this guy who actually can get anything he wants from his parents. And his reply was, ‘Go to hell!’
Seriously, which kind of stupid person would really get mad over cash that he doesnt earn and go on to insult someone over such. I was actually really pissed when she told me this and showed me the conversation.
This is not the first or last person I have ever heard or even experienced such encounters with. I fail to understand how someone could just insult another over something materialistic. But I guess those are signs of having fake friends in your life,right?
Know the difference between true friends and fake friends. Immediately you get a new change or beginning in your life, and the people you count on the most show you less than a supportive side, just know that these are the kind of people who are in your life to drag you down because they cant think past themselves. And if so, CUT OFF communication with them, and become more comfortable with people who only wish you well and are not there just to borrow something or to benefit from something you have.

You cant always control who walks into your life, but atleast you can control which window to throw them out.

Angela Njeri💕


3 thoughts on “SOMEBODY HAS TO SAY IT

  1. Cynthia Imali says:

    So true some people are just there when you have but the moment you don’t have thats when you will come to know who is really your friend and before you start judging someone you should walk in their shoes so as to understand what they are going through and always remember the world is round. Anyway thanks Angie i always enjoy reading your blogs i just can’t get enough of them you will go far continue posting and i will always be there to read


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