Do you ever wake up and just feel you’re gonna have a really terrible day? And you just lay there on your bed having a dilemma with yourself whether you should wake up and get to your errands or just spend the whole day in bed? Well,youre not alone.
It was on this particular monday,I woke up with that bad feeling and had to attend my classes. So I woke up,prepared myself and left home. I boarded a matatu and as people were also boarding some drunkard came to sit next to me,and honestly,I hate the smell of alcohol especially if someone has been drunk like the whole night then you get to smell their breath the next day,if they’re not sober. Its totally disgusting. So I had to switch places cause I couldnt help it. I just wondered who the hell drinks on a sunday and on a monday morning,when people are supposed to be starting their week with some sense of responsibility and drive,is still drunk.
[fast forward :D] Then I boarded another matatu from town to school. So this time,some lady came to sit next to me. We paid our fare after we had reached Westlands,so this girl started singing and the matt was dead silent. I didnt even bother confirming if she was actually okay or insane. So after like five minutes,she started sleeping and actually snoring. The fact that she was next to me and doing that,was just so annoying. She started sleeping on me and now was already irritating me too bad. Seriously guys,who gets drunk on a monday morning to the point of making others so uncomfortable. Mondays should just be optional,because even if you set your mind that its going to be a good day it always gets way worse somewhere during the day.
Anyways,I tried shrugging her off my shoulder but she kept on coming right back on it. So I got really pissed,and woke her up and told her,’

Excuse me!Mbona unashinda ukinilalia?What makes you think you can sleep comfortably on me and youre drunk making me so uncomfortable?Respect please.

‘ So this time,she woke up and didnt sleep on me. Some other lady alighted and because I couldnt stand sitting next to that drunk girl,I moved to the seat that was empty now(right infront of her). Immediately I sat down this drunk girl pulled my hair. Lord Jesus!At this point,in my mind comes,’No you didnt just do that!Hold me God coz am about to erupt with anger’ My anger comes real quick and without even thinking twice,I turned and slapped her hard, she even got confused and a little sober I think lol 😀 No jokes!I was so pissed at that moment I couldnt even think straight,but hey guys,am not violent. It was just something I had to do,to put her in her place.
So story cut short, the rest of my day was still terrible because it was extra hot, I had tiring exams and still a bad headache and mad traffic. And still in the evening, I had argued with some few people. It was quite a hectic day.
These kind of days are days when I dread even getting out of my bed or my room,and if I have plans,I avoid talking much or bumping into people I know because one way or another,something wont go my way or I’ll be pissed off somewhere along the way.
But bad days have to be there, if good days are, so expect them once in a while or sometimes even frequently. Life still goes on even if theyre totally bad anyways.


2 thoughts on “BAD DAY FEVER

  1. Cynthia Imali says:

    Hahaha you really made my day. I understand you coz i have been in that same situation too. Not exactly the same but your start your day off really well with good moods thinking its gonna be a good day and something just happens and spoils your day. Anyway good work Angie


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