Well, everyone goes through this time in their lives, when it reaches a point and you stay single for too long, that you even start doubting your own existence in life😂. Its actually funny to me now but when I was going through that, it wasn’t even funny one bit. I’d punch anyone who tried making fun of me😂(not literally ofcourse), but in my mind, yeah!I would. I believe everyone has to go through this atleast once, I think its actually a phase in life
When this time comes, a lot of thoughts run in one’s mind. Haha, a bunch of insecure, self-esteem issued and crazy thoughts. The questions and thoughts that actually run in one’s mind, at that time:
‘What happened to me and my face?’
‘Did I get ugly somewhere?’
‘Whats wrong with my lovelife?’
‘Am I the problem cause everytime I dont last with relationships?’
‘When will I find the right guy or girl?’
‘I will die single and lonely.’
And many more thoughts.
It reaches a really depressing time, if it lasts too long that you even start doubting if you’ll really get a partner and you start blaming yourself for the failure of your past relationships even if you were not the cause of your breakups.
This is the same time that you come across, in the internet, social media, walking around, anywhere you actually go;couples everywhere, love stuff in social media and you even start to re-think your life and what you did wrong to deserve loneliness😂. It makes you re-examine your decisions in life, because the only relevant thing then to you is what you did or is still doing wrong in your life.
This ‘phase’ is nothing to be ashamed or embarassed of. Neither is it something to be depressed about. Worry not, mostly this happens before you get the right person and many times, good things come ahead. Dont push yourself to get into a relationship with haste, which probably will turn out wrong and eventually end, just because you’re afraid of being single for too long or much longer than you expect.
This doesn’t apply to bad and self-centered people though. Some people go through this ‘phase’ because they are known to be disrespectful people, or have bad behavioural manners or unfaithful people. Nobody would love to have someone like that by their side, so if you’re going through the phase, and you have those character traits, just change for the better.
Others go through this coz they’re tired of getting hurt, so they just decide to chill out and wait for the right person to come along. But whatever reason it may be for this phase to come by, everyone gets worried. Its normal.
Ask yourself, ‘Am I afraid of being single for too long or not finding the right person soon?’ If your answer is yes, don’t you fret. Just change your mindset. Nothing happens fast, you dont just jump from relationship to relationship so just chill out, breathe and be patient. When the right time comes, the right person will come along.
And when it’s all over, you’ll find this ‘phase’ so funny thinking of the thoughts and worries you really believed and had.

Patience is a virtue darlings.
Thank you to all who’ve stuck around till the end,
Lots of love💚💚
Angie Njeri


4 thoughts on “AFRAID OF BEING SINGLE?

  1. Cynthia Imali says:

    Hahaha that’s true everyone has ever experienced that untill you start asking yourself too many questions and oftenly look at the mirror to check if there is something wrong. But i beleive God’s time is the best and being patient. Nice one Bestie ♡♥♡


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