It’s the late hours of the night,
Sitting all by herself,
All alone in the dark silence,
Can’t help but get lost in her thoughts,
Asking herself,
‘Will It Ever End?’

Silently, she sobs and cries,
Wondering why it has to be her,
Selfish,but why not someone else?
Depression, misery and sadness are a part of her,
She has gotten used to it,
Still she wonders, ‘Will It Ever End?’

She fights with her own body,
Her mind and soul,
She looks at her pillow, drenched in tears,
She can’t fight anymore,
She goes for the blade right beside her bed,
Asking herself, ‘Will This Really Ever End?’

She takes the blade deep in her skin,
She goes for her wrists and thighs,
Cutting herself mercilessly,
Just to get her mind off the inside pain,
Blood oozes out of her cuts,
she gets lost in her world,
Looks at her hands and thighs,
‘Not Again!This Looks Like It’s Never Gonna End.’

Her hands all sore and painful,
A sigh of relief she lets out,
The inside pain has gone down,
She is torn between regret and no regrets,
Wonders to herself is it right or wrong,
Will she do this to herself all the time,
She retires to sleep, and her last thought:
‘This Doesn’t Seem Like It Will Ever End.’


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