Heyy darling(s),
Mummy says hi. She really hopes youre gonna get a good life, free from struggles and difficulties. She’s really determined and working on that honey. She prays she’ll be successful to give you all that you will need and want, from the very basic needs to the not-so-essential needs.
Daddy (Tahawur), is also working really hard to give you a nice life baby. We can’t wait to get the news that I will be expecting you and for the feeling that we’ll get as you continue growing in me and when we’ll be holding you in our arms Godwilling. We just cant wait. Even the thought alone gives me happiness and joy even though you dont even exist right now😂
Always, when we’re talking (me and your daddy) we think and imagine how life will be with you around. It makes us so happy thinking of how far we’ve reached and how far we still have to go. How even more happy we’d be with you around and making us smile all the time, just looking at the product that will be of our love. Mummy just can’t wait. It may take months, years but dont worry baby, we’re working on a life that won’t be average.
Don’t you worry my love, mummy’s not going to be a bad example. She’s not going to let anyone look down on you. She’s going to do her best to give you a life you will love. She wont feed you on tattooed breasts.
Be patient darling. When mummy and daddy are good (financially) and totally stable, you’re the first thing we’re thinking of and working on. I love you darling and I will always do so.
Now all that is remaining is working really hard and praying God so much to bless me and your daddy and our relationship, and grant all our desires and wishes in life. Just hang on baby, very soon InshaAllah you’ll be here….
I pray God to make all this come true (AMEN) and I’ll show you this baby when that time comes love.
–Just A Letter To You Baby And A Written Prayer To God–
From: Your Mummy🙈❤,
          Angela Njeri.



  1. Cynthia Imali says:

    I wish you all the best bestie may all your dreams come true and May God bless you. I see umeanza kujipanga mapema which its so good.


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