What is a pluviophile? Am pretty sure most of y’all don’t know, I also didnt till I came across the word. A pluviophile is someone who loves the rain. Most people actually hate the rainy season because of the cold weather, the rain itself and other reasons one might have.

Well, all my life (that sounds exaggerated😆) I’ve been looking for a word that can perfectly explain what this feeling of ‘loving rain’ is and I actually googled it up a couple of days ago and found that I really am a pluviophile.

I love rain. I love the grayness of the sky. I love the smell of wet sands. Damn, I just love the rainy season (weird,huh?) I think rainy weather is just beautiful. And I dont love rain or the cold weather, so that I can cuddle or sleep all day long, no!thats not the main reasons why I love rain..but they are sure good reasons😂. I just love rain, yes yes I just do.

The fact that the weather is too good to just drink coffee, lay in your bed and keep really warm, and even if you’re not home, go about your daily activities with no uncomfort of too much heat or feeling tired. Oh my!Rain Rain Rain!!😍😍

Am the type of person when its raining all day long, am actually in very good moods and spend almost the whole day listening to nice soothing music indoors. I can’t even explain how much I love rain. Some people who know me pretty well, know that I do.

But seriously, what’s not to love about rain😍😍??



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