Most of you know what body shaming is, for those who dont know or understand quite well, it is the negative stereotypes towards another person’s weight and size, to the point of even discriminating and giving bad treatment to him/her.
So people have come up with this crazy disgusting  behaviour of having a ‘preferred’ weightmark and if someone doesnt meet their standards,they go ahead and bodyshame the person. Heads up, if you have a weightmark or weightgoal or whatever, set it on yourself, dont go around expecting others to also abide to your so-called weightgoals.
This happens mostly to females. I think it is so stupid and insensitive for a guy to talk shit about a female, just because she is not the ideal weightsize or bodytype he prefers. Chill out dude, there are lots of girls everywhere, just get up and leave but dont leave any emotional scar just to satisfy your self-centered ego.

It is so saddening the things nowadays the society has put in people’s minds. Cant you just mind your business if you got nothing good to say about another person? It is wrong to bash someone else to lift another/yourself and act like that is body-positive. You have no idea how deep you leave emotional scars on people by trying to define what they should look like or what they are supposed to look like. Girls especially, have hated themselves, just because they cant fit in some group coz their bodytype is different, they cant comfortably wear stuff that they like because they’ll be called fat/skinny/whatever name these bodyshamers give them, they cant socialize with others freely, they cant walk around without doubting themselves and how they look. Seriously? this is the kind of society we live in today,so sad!

These are the stupid remarks/comments/insults people get:
◆Skinny/slim people:
-You look anorexic!
-Youre so thin,you make me sick.
-Do you have an eating disorder?
-Youd look so much better with…
-Do you need help?
-Real women have curves.
-Why do you need to work out?
-You look like a boy.
◆Curvy/Fat people :   
-Why dont you try eating smaller portions?
-Are you pregnant? 
-You’d look better if you were healthier.
-You need to be more active.
-Are you eating enough greens?
-Youll be pretty/handsome if you loose weight.
And for neither skinny nor fat people, they get some of those comments (rarely though) just because they also dont fit in some people’s ‘preffered images’.

For all the people who have experienced body shaming, always remember your size doesnt matter as long as youre healthy. Not one drop of self worth is dependent on anyones acceptance of you. Being beautiful is about being comfortable in your own skin, knowing and accepting who you are. So who should tell you otherwise? Who cares if you have extra/less fat or weight than ‘they’ expect? Who cares if you dont have abs like ‘they’ want? Who cares if you dont have a big booty/boobs like ‘they’ want? Who cares if they actually dont accept your personality and rather thirst over your looks? Who cares? Who cares? Be you and keep slaying darling. It dont matter if they talk, self love and acceptance is enough.
Curvy/fat people are just as beautiful as skinny/slim people and skinny/slim people are just as beautiful as curvy/fat people.


For the body shamers,just remember two important things:
     1)Loose the hate.
     2)Dont be an asshole.
What if instead of body shaming a stranger/someone we know,we actually gave them a compliment? We could really change the society we live in and the change starts with YOU!!
Spread Love Everywhere You Go❤❤



3 thoughts on “✘BODY SHAME✘

  1. Cynthia Imali says:

    This is a very big issue mostly to teenagers coz of their sizes. Always accept yourself first so others accept you and love yourself the way you are thats the start and you will feel confident no matter what. Thanks for the advice in the past i had issues with my weight problem but this days i have learn to accept myself the way i am and do something in order to be where i wanna be. Thanks again


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